When people mention Springtime, I always go right to the place of newness, or baby animals, new life, things of that nature.  And the festival that brings all of that to you is the "Spring Babies Festival".  This festival happens every year (minus pandemic shutdown time), and it's something every family should probably experience.

Officially called the "Twin Cities Festival - Spring Babies".  The reason it is specified as Spring Babies is because there is also a Fall festival which has a lot of the same things, except the new baby farm animals.

The festival doesn't just have baby farm animals to look at, hold and pet, there are also all of the things you love about almost any festival in Minnesota.  There is festival food like mini donuts, funnel cakes, corn dogs, you know, festival food.  Also, activities for the kids like a giant slide and a maze.

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If you and/or your kids would like to hold and pet the baby animals, that is included in the price of the ticket.

Purchase ticket to hold & pet baby goats, sheep, ducklings, chicks, and more! Includes corn pit, straw bale maze, hayride, play area, and more! Inflatables, rides & food available for a little extra. 

The festival began last weekend, and continues for a few weekends into the beginning of May.

- Open Sat, Apr. 23 - Sun, Apr. 24
- Open Sat, Apr. 30 - Sun, May 1
- Open Sat, May 7 - Sun, May 8

Remember, May 8th is Mother's Day.  Might be a fun place to take and occupy the kids while Mom enjoys some "me" time.

The festival is located at 109th Ave and Hwy 169 in Brooklyn Park. Purchase advance tickets here.  

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