Growing up in the early 2000s there are a couple of things that define those years for many Millenials. One of those things is MySpace. The first real social media platform that took a whole generation by storm is coming back. Well not exactly MySpace itself but something exactly like it called SpaceHey.

SpaceHey was designed as a nostalgia project to look and feel like the classic social media platform MySpace. However, there is no official connection between SpaceHey and MySpace. The site features the majority of the same things that classic MySpace did such as profile pages, blogs, bulletins, and instant messaging. Also, you can embed music and videos from Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. But the one feature that I cant seem to find out about, which funny enough is one of the most important is top friends. That is one thing no matter what that SpaceHey needs to bring back. The feeling of seeing if you made someone else's top friends and the response to your top friends was priceless. Other than that excitement levels around SpaceHey are high.

I really hope this site takes off and we bring back the days of MySpace, top friends, and what song defines your profile. Either way, I think it's cool to see especially since the creator who is only 18 said he created the site because he never personally got to use MySpace since he was too young, but wanted to create it based on stories he heard from older friends. And the 18-year-old German web developer Anton Röhm values security and privacy more than other companies. So if his claim of making this one of the most secure social media sites is true, then that is another reason to support SpaceHey. Just know that as soon as I can I will be making my SpaceHey profile and narrowing down who should be on my top friends list.


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