Don't do this.

Here we go, another trend on social media has caught the attention of health experts and they are saying to NOT do this.

Apparently, some on TikTok and Instagram are taping their mouth shut prior to going to bed, in an effort to just breathe through their nose.

Well, like some other "trends" on social media, that isn't a great idea.

Breathing through your nose reportedly has many benefits like producing more nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels and helps circulate oxygen through your body.

Still, taping your mouth shut is not a great idea prior to going to sleep. As one doctor noted in a Tweet, taping your mouth shut could force you to choke while asleep.

Another risk of forcing yourself to only breathe through your nose is that you may even suffocate yourself if you become congested while asleep.

So, all in all, avoid this trend and move on to another one on social media. I suggest you share this post with others on social media so that they too are aware of the dangers of #Mouthtaping

Here are just a few examples of people participating in this dangerous social media trend.


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