Mother's Day 2022 falls on May 8th, and you don't want to be the child waiting until the last minute to get a gift, right?  Here is your reminder that it will be here sooner than later.

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Some mums are easy to buy for.  Flowers and a card, jewelry, or just taking them out to dinner might be sufficient.  Really though I think most just appreciate some kind of effort that doesn't feel forced or last minute.  What can you do for a mom who is a little more rock 'n roll than the rest?  Here's some gift ideas that should make that kind of mom throw up those devil horns in appreciation.

Concert tickets

Tickets in hand

Tickets to some concerts can cost quite a bit nowadays, especially when you tack on the BS fees that companies like Ticketmaster charge.  There are plenty of bands to see though that don't have inflated prices.  Some people even really enjoy going to cover or tribute bands just as much as the original acts.  If that's your mom, think of getting tickets to a show like Hairball, or even The Tribute Fest.  Add a gift certificate to dinner to whatever show, and you should win the best sibling award.

Earbuds or headphones

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Does mom listen to a lot of music with some form of headphones on or earbuds in?  Consider spending a little coin and getting her a really decent set.  The JBL Tune 125TWS Wireless Earbuds crank out some nice bass and also won't break the bank.

Rock 'n roll decor

Scott Weiland Painting by Nate Michaels- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Scott Weiland Painting by Nate Michaels- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Depending on your mom's favorite rock 'n roll artist or band, you'll probably be able to find artwork centered around them for a decent price.  While there is a lot or original artwork out there, prints from a reputable company generally look really good and are affordable.  I've personally had commissioned work done and ordered prints of rock artists from Nate Michaels and have never been disappointed.

Paisley Park tickets for Mother's Day

Prince And Make History With "One Night... Three Venues"
Kristian Dowling

I've met very few moms who don't appreciate at least some of Prince's music.  Paisley Park is located in Chanhassen Minnesota and is pretty much the go-to place for all things Prince.  Ticket prices start at $48.00 and they also have featured events throughout the year you can look into getting tickets for as well.

Electric Fetus Gift Card

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Yeah, gift cards are kind of the easy way out, but it also let's mom get what she really would want.  It also eliminates the guessing on your part if she is a little bit harder to buy for.  If mom makes it to the Minneapolis area often enough, consider a gift card to the Electric Fetus.  Mom will be able to shop for vinyl, clothing, rock themed accessories, and much more.

Those are my thoughts on gift ideas for a more rock 'n roll mom, what would you add to the list?

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