There are few things Minnesotans take as much pride in as the tator tot hot dish.

It could be said that there is no greater sign of friendship or northern hospitality than for a guest to be treated to a meal of hot dish straight from the oven. While the recipes may vary from one kitchen to another, the final result is the same -- a hearty, homemade meal to be shared amongst family and friends that somehow always has ample amounts of leftovers no matter how many helpings everyone has had.

Like the game Duck, Duck, Gray Duck, the hot dish is not without controversy, however. Earlier this year, a study of Google Trends revealed that -- while Minnesotans have long prided themselves in the tradition of calling hot dish "hot dish" -- the dish's longstanding name is succumbing even here in Minnesota to the crass yet more widely recognized "casserole."

Most recently, the hot dish is again under attack by one of its own -- a Minnesota traitor who took to online forums to spread discord and propaganda.

"Tater tot hotdish tastes best when it is microwaved the next day," posted Reddit user u/sonofdurinwastaken to the Minnesota thread of Reddit. "I said it."

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The simple 16-word theorum immediately created a firestorm online with some quick to denounce the idea while others adding their own absurd ideas.

"I disagree," put one in the comment section, bluntly.

"Me too," agreed another. "Hot out of the oven is won-der-ful."

"Tater tot texture is all off when it's from cold leftovers," agreed a third.

"I heat it up on the stove," one Reddit user agreed of the re-heated idea, "but yes it's better reheated."

"Reheat in the oven," countered someone. "It's way better.

"For breakfast [try it] with an over-easy egg on top," offered one.

"I like a little siracha in mine," suggested another.

"I prefer it prepared in the traditional manner -- straight from the oven into a hole in the yard," said one Redditor, expressing his disdain for tator tot hot dish altogether. "Buried and forgotten."

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