There's a lot of "trash" on the internet, but this video won't be a "waste" of your time.

I've always appreciated garbage men. And garbage women, for that matter. Shoot, for all I know the terms "garbage man" and "garbage woman" are considered offensive or derogatory to the people in that line of work. I don't mean to be insensitive or rude; I'm just not familiar with the people, culture and terminology of waste management. My point is, I appreciate the people and the work done faithfully week after week.

My appreciation, however, pales in comparison to that of an online account called Twin Cities Trash. With accounts on Youtube and Instagram, Twin Cities Trash really strives to highlight the efforts of the men and women keeping Minnesota's streets clean. With some 900+ followers on Instagram and over 3.6k subscribers on Youtube, it seems that Twin Cities Trash has a small but supportive following. Previous videos on Youtube include feature videos of different sanitation companies and trucks; one video even follows one garbage truck over the course of an hour from the perspective of a GoPro camera mounted near the "loading hopper" (see -- I'm learning things!).

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While Twin Cities Trash's past videos have earned a fair number of views (anywhere between 3.4k and nearly 50k), the latest has really found some popularity online with nearly 425k views! Titled "The Ultimate Minnesota Garbage Truck Compilation," the account claims the video is its "biggest work yet." At 52 minutes long, the video features around 75 waste management trucks from "every corner of the metro area, as well as some other areas around the state."

I took some time to watch the video for myself (not in its entirety...I skipped around a bit). What struck me is the number of different types of garbage trucks; I really had no idea there were so many different types and methods for retrieving and dumping trash bins! It was actually quite fascinating to watch them at work!

I had an appreciation for waste management workers before, but I definitely have a greater appreciation and admiration after watching them -- and their trucks -- at work! If you are a garbage-man or -woman, thanks so much for the work you do!

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