This is something that you don't see every day.  I mean, you might see someone with their phone out, that's a no no. You may see someone without their seat belt on, that's another no no. Or, a cargo van with some seats in the back that aren't bolted in, which is also a no no.  BUT to see the driver in a pick up driving while sitting in a CAMPING CHAIR?? Now, that's something new.

Wisconsin Hwy Patrol via Twitter
Wisconsin Hwy Patrol via Twitter

How would you even sit high enough to see over the dash?  I mean, I know when I'm sitting in one of those fold up camping chairs I tend to be sitting fairly low.  Almost laid back sort of.  Yeah, let's sit like that and drive a any sort of distance, even into another state.  Sounds like a great idea.  And if you look at the Tweet that the Wisconsin Highway Patrol sent out, looks like there is also a considerable amount of snow inside the truck as well.

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Now, that might be a whole other story that could be rather interesting.

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