A University of Minnesota student shared a video to reddit of him (purportedly) being hit by a car while riding a scooter last month.

"I got hit by a car about a month ago and survived‍" the young man, who goes by u/dsmith0308 on reddit, shared in the video's caption. "Didn’t get a check tho since it was my fault‍"

In the video, the rider can be seen crossing diagonally through an intersection. Suddenly, he jumps off the scooter, attempting to run out of the way of the oncoming car. It hits him, and he disappears off-camera while the scooter crashes into the sidewalk.

"I was shaken up at first," he shares in the comment thread. "I was able to walk for a short while, then the adrenaline wore off about 45 minutes after and I was barely able to walk."

In another comment, he says that he had to be on crutches for the rest of the day but was able to walk to [Raising] Canes the next. Fortunately, he's ok and admits he laughed the first time he saw the video which he (purportedly) asked campus security for.

Since its posting to reddit, the video has taken on a new life of its own in the form of screenshots-turned-meme.




While other comments have expressed thanks that the young man is ok, others have taken the opportunity to share their disdain for the scooters and their riders.

"You're an idiot and one of the many reasons I hate bikers and scooters. You just go whenever you feel like it, regardless of the traffic light and if there's cars coming," commented one reader.

According to KARE 11, Hennepin County Medical Center treated approximately five scooter-related injuries per day this past summer.

“We’ve seen an epidemic of injuries from electric scooters," said HCMC's Dr. Stephen Smith. "We call it acute traumatic Lime disease because the scooters, most of them are Lime scooters. They are dangerous. If you have to ride one, wear a helmet.”



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