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St Paul (KROC AM News) -  Minnesota’s minimum wage workers are in for a raise with the arrival of the new year.

A whole 8-cents an hour - or about $3 more per week.

The Minnesota Dept. of Labor and Industry says the new hourly minimum has been adjusted for inflation and will be $10.08 for large employers and $8.21 an hour for other state minimum wages.

DEED says the higher numbers will not apply to work performed in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which have higher minimum-wage rates.

According to DEED, the 2020 Minnesota inflation-adjusted large-employer minimum wage of $10 an hour was below the average level of the federal minimum wage for 1960 through 1980, which was $10.54.

For workers earning the Minnesota minimum hourly wage and working 40 hours a week, annual wages in 2020 were $20,800 for workers at large employers and $16,952 for workers at small employers.

Workers in Minneapolis earned annual full-time wages of $26,520 at large employers and $23,660 at small employers, while St. Paul workers earned $22,360 at large employers and $20,800 at small employers.

DEED says before the pandemic led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in Minnesota, an estimated 206,000 jobs, or 8.5% of the total, paid the minimum wage or less.

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