Tonight Yam Hause will find out if it's the end of the road for their time on NBC's American Song Contest or if they're still in to win. It's an exciting time, but as you'll hear in my exclusive interview below, they're ready no matter what happens!

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Who Is Yam Haus?

A Minneapolis, Minnesota group started when three guys from Wisconsin met up with a guy from Minneapolis. They've played all over the place, touring a ton, and then Yam Haus, has made their way to Hollywood to represent Minnestoa in NBS's American Song Contest. They performed last Monday night, and tonight is the night of truth.

Yam Haus includes Lars Pruitt (vocals), Seth Blum (guitar), Jake Felstow (drums), and Zach Beinlich (bass). Zach, Seth, and Lars.

On YouTube, they have 66,000 followers and 11.1 Million views. On Spotify they're working on 9.2 Million streams. Sound like a great band to represent the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

When Yam Haus Played Thursdays Downtown

Photo by Taylor
Photo by Taylor

Midwest Representatives Include...

Iowa: Alisabeth Von Presley
Hometown: Marion, IA
Resident: Cedar Rapids, IA

North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks
Hometown: Halliday, ND
Resident: Halliday, ND

South Dakota: Judd Hoos
Hometown: Spearfish, SD
Resident: Rapid City, SD

Wisconsin: Jake'O
Hometown: Loreto Ridge, WI
Resident: Plain, WI

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