Yep, it's actually a thing. One website has been collecting information on the best convenience store restrooms and now they've compiled a list to share their findings.

Summertime is a time for traveling. Would any summer feel quite as complete without a magical road trip, either near or far, to a special destination or landmark? But road trips are not without their pitfalls, and pit stops! One of the biggest concerns travelers seem to have on road trips is where they can go to the restroom without fear of sitting in who knows what or being unable to lift their feet off a disgusting, sticky restroom floor. They all seem to want to know, where the best place is to go, when you have "to go?"

Thankfully, the good folks at vehicle traveler's information website GasBuddy have been hard at work putting together a list of the best places to stop for a potty break. No, they didn't go to each gas station and convenience store in the country and rate them individually. Instead, they have been collecting reviews of the restrooms on their website. Now, they have used those reviews to reveal which convenience store/gas station chains in each state are the best for those needing a restroom. According to their study, "brands needed to have at least 20 locations in a state to be included in the analysis."

In Minnesota the winner is... Kwik Trip. Having spent some time in convenience store and gas station restrooms in my day, I'd have to agree. When I've got to go, that's where I try to go!

What do you think? Do you agree with GasBuddy's choice? Or are there other businesses where you feel most comfortable doing your business?

I've got to admit, I'd like to see them do a follow-up of the worst places. That's some really good information to know when you're looking for a place for a pit stop...

Check out the complete map here:

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