Getting alcohol will soon be as easy as walking to your front door with this new offering from an already popular food delivery service.

DoorDash announced today that its drivers soon will be allowed to deliver beer, wine, and spirits to 100-million happy drunks around the world, including millions of them here in Minnesota, sorry Wisconsin, you didn't make the cut yet.

The company says that users, "can toggle to the Alcohol tab of the DoorDash app to browse and safely order from a wide selection of drinks from restaurants, grocery stores, local retailers, and convenience stores." This is great if you want a cocktail with your dinner delivery.

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DoorDash says that you'll need to upload a photo of your ID to the app, the delivery drivers will get a copy of that photo with only your photo and birth date shown, and they will only deliver the alcohol to the ID holder.

Users will also be able to opt-out of the alcohol option altogether, an 'exclusion request' can be submitted and no alcohol deliveries will be allowed and the user won't get any targeted booze promotions.

I just checked the app, and it doesn't seem to be available yet in Duluth, and DoorDash didn't say when the service will launch, but keep an eye open for the feature next time you place an order.

DoorDash won't be the only alcohol delivery game in Duluth, Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe offers a local delivery service, and the Shanty Bottle Shop 2.0 also offers a delivery service through DoorDash, but through their website and not the DoorDash app at this point.

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