As of November 1st, Minnesotans who fail to show up for their driver's license road appointment will receive a $20 fine, under a new law.

I didn't even know this was a thing. I was excited to get my driver's license when it came time to test. According to the website for the MN Department of Public Safety, there are so many "no-shows" that some steps needed to be taken. I don't know why it would be a problem, they do give you a 24 hour period to cancel your appointment and they can do it online. One of the main sites to do so is

According to the MNDPS website, about 16 percent of people that make an appointment to take their test for both passenger and commercial licenses don't show up to their test. That is a surprising number

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For those that missed in the month of October, the DPS says there is no charge, the new law only applies to those that will miss or have missed in November moving forward. The DPS says the 24-hour rule to cancel is enough time for anyone to call in or cancel online and gives a person plenty of time in case something comes up last minute.

I had no idea the numbers were so high. According to the DPS website, here are some of the stats for class D and CDL test no-shows over the months previous to October:

  • July:  Appointments: 12,249      No-shows: 1,919
  • Aug:  Appointments: 15,034      No-shows: 2,196
  • Sept: Appointments: 11,402      No-shows: 1,879

I was always taught that if I made an appointment I should call out of courtesy to cancel if I am not going to make it. This new law makes people cancel if they can't make it or pay for missing it.

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