April 7 is National Beer Day.

National Beer Day -- recognized annually -- celebrates the most widely-consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, beer is the third most widely consumed beverage in the world, according to National Day Calendar (Top 10 List says beer is third behind tea and coffee).

Whatever beer falls third to, we like it. A lot. And so do our listeners.

With National Beer Day upon us, we took to Facebook to ask Central Minnesotans "If you could only have one kind of beer the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Answers varied from common ("Bud Light with olives") to local ("Cream Ale from Pantown" and "Blue Polar from Rustech Brewing"), rare ("Herman Joseph's") to joking ("Free" and "Root [beer]"). Read through the answers and add your own by clicking on the post above!

My wife and I are something of craft beer enthusiasts and have traveled around Minnesota and Midwest exploring the craft beer industry and communities. We have some favorites of our own which we've shared about at our own blog AleAdventuresMN.com. Check out a photo gallery of some of Central Minnesota's best craft breweries and beers below!

15 Cool Central Minnesota Microbreweries to Visit

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