Late this morning (May 17th) the MN Safety Twitter page shared a video of a truck rolling on a ramp. But it wasn't just any truck, it was a truck filled with milk that crashed on a Minnesota highway this morning!

The milk truck crashed around Hwy 10 and I-35W in the north-central part of the Twin Cities. It happened in this general area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the video that they shared you can see the truck taking a corner, apparently too quickly because then the truck tips, and just before it goes out of the frame it tips and you can see the milk start to spill.

I haven't seen anything saying how the driver is doing but when I did some Googling I didn't see anything so I hope that means good news. As for the milk, it's definitely a goner, and Minnesotans on Twitter are not holding back.

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Again, I don't know how the driver is doing, however, I haven't seen any news that they were injured so we're hoping for the best!

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