I've received what I'd consider to be pretty random gifts before, but nothing like what this person has been getting in the mail lately. A Minnesotan who's currently living in St. Paul has started receiving gifts of grape jelly and they have no idea who it's coming from.

This sounds like the plot of a horror movie or something. The first time the random package of grape jelly shows up you think it's an accident. The second time you start to get suspicious. The third time you know something is up. I'm not just how many orders of grape jelly have shown up at this person's house but Bring Me the News says "multiple" have arrived.

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In total, this poor person has gotten 50 jars of unsolicited grape jelly sent to them, according to St. Paul Police Sgt. David McCabe, who spoke with Bring Me the News about the incident. These deliveries have been coming from Walmart and when the receiver of these packages asks the store about them, they say that it was "'purchased anonymously as a gift.'"

Like I said, horror movie plot kind of stuff. I hope nothing horror movie-like happens to this person, I hope it's just a weird prank and that it stops because I would hate to be on the receiving end of this random grape jelly.

As of right now, there's not any more information about what's going on with these grape jelly gifts.

What's the weirdest gift you've received? Message me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@carlyrossonair) and let me know!

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