Did you know that Hippos are the second largest land animal on Earth? Second only to elephants.

Did you know Hippos are usually most active at night?

Lastly, did you know that a baby hippo could be as mischievous as this little guy was at a zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark?

But not only did he sneak out once, he actually was caught TWICE sneaking and visiting animals at the zoo.

Considering that hippos are social creatures, it isn't surprising to see this little calf enjoying his "freedom" per se to sneak around and visit other animals at the zoo. After watching these adorable videos my heart was set on seeing a baby hippo and thought,

but are there any close to St. Cloud?

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Unfortunately, after some extensive research I discovered there aren't any baby hippos nearby or in Minnesota for that fact. There are however plenty of other fantastic animal attractions you can enjoy and see cute animals. Here are three you should see while summer is still here.

  • Hemker Park & Zoo:

    Located in Freeport, MN has an array of animals while you visit. Find Red Pandas, Otters, Rhinos, Monkeys, Zebras and more. You and the family can enjoy hands on experiences that include even feeding a Giraffe! See more on that HERE.

  • Pine Grove Zoo:

    Is looking for retired fire hoses for their animals and use them in all sorts of cool ways. On their Facebook they write,

    PC: Justus Menke on Unsplash
    PC: Justus Menke on Unsplash

    "Retired fire hoses can be used for beds, hammocks and toys."

    Make sure to see which Animal Encounter is happening each day, at this Little Falls, MN Zoo, that gives you a unique experience at looking and learning about some of their animals.

    • Safari North Wildlife Park:

      Take the Safari Train Expedition at this Brainerd, MN must see! You will see Lions, Monkeys, and more OH MY! Take camel rides, see how your jumping skills are compared to other animals and be sure to love on the animals at the Barn Yard & Petting Area.


    No we don't have any sneaky cute baby hippos around Minnesota but we have plenty of other cute animals to see. Happy exploring!

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