There is no doubt that the Minnesota Vikings are the most popular sports team in the state of Minnesota, so it comes as little surprise that the team ranks in the top 10 list of total attendance in the NFL.

FOX Sports ranked the top 10 NFL teams with the highest attendance percentage for both home and away games, FOX Sports compiled its data from every NFL team's home and away game attendance percentage, basically, of all the seats available for all 17 games the Vikings played last season, what percentage of those seats were sold. It has nothing to do with the % of Vikings fans vs. other fans at any given game, just a raw attendance number.

Despite missing the playoffs the last two years, the Vikings still faired pretty well, out of the 32 teams in the NFL, the Vikings ranked ninth with a percentage of 96.9, this percentage is based on the 1,118,294 total attendance during the 2021 regular season matchups.

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The Browns ranked at #1 with 99,2%, the Patriots at #2 with 98.5, and the Super Bowl Champion Rams ranked third with 98.1%. Miami, Baltimore, Kansas City, NFC North rivals the Chicago Bears, and the Denver Broncos rank fourth through eighth all in the 97% range. The Vikings are at nine and the Indianapolis Colts round out the top 10 the 96.8%.

This list certainly left plenty of NFL fans, especially Packer fans, scratching their heads in amazement wondering why their team did not make the list. And I'll admit that this statistic is a little misleading and is probably meant to get fans to interact with the Tweet and other media outlets to share (mission accomplished) and it has no actual real-life use, but it's interesting nonetheless. SKOL!

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