Law enforcement has all been united on one thing. People in the state of Minnesota are going too fast. A few months ago the Minnesota State Patrol issued a statement to tell people to slow down. They were handing out twice the speeding tickets.

Now the Minnesota State Patrol posted on their Facebook page exactly how fast people are going, and how it's totally out of hand now. They also issued a statement about how a speeding ticket could involve your life, job, and insurance rates.

On the Facebook Post by the Minnesota State Patrol, they listed some of the faster speeds and the situations. They are making the point that speeding is getting worse.

• 130 in a 60 mph zone on Interstate 94 in Brooklyn Center on Nov. 6.
• 119 in a 65 mph zone on Highway 371 near Fort Ripley on Nov. 7. A motorcyclist.
• 111 in a 65 mph zone near Bemidji. This motorist was also intoxicated.

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Here's one of the stories they are sharing:

Before it was people going 10 mph over the speed limit. Now, it's people going in the 90s and 100s and more dangerous speeds. Even if you are driving in a remote location law enforcement reminds you if someone loses control of the car, that speed is hard to recover from.

Those are extreme speeds and situations, for the most part, all law enforcement wants people to slow down because that is one thing that has changed since COVID, people are driving faster and are reminded to slow down. The big message on the Minnesota State Highway Patrol Website is that slowing down saves lives including the driver.

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