No tipping.  Doesn't that seem to go against the narrative that we have been so used to hearing for the last couple of years?  I mean, any time you go to a restaurant you are encouraged to tip, but even more so throughout the last couple of years of the pandemic.  "People need to make money, tip as much as you can".

Now, there is a restaurant in Duluth called Zeitgeist Restaurant and Bar that has been closed since the pandemic and just recently re-opened with a new policy- no tipping.

Not only do they have a no tipping policy, but they also have a new executive chef.  They made this announcement on Facebook last Friday.

But is it actually no tipping? Are they paying more than any other restaurant?  Well, they are... sort of.  They are implementing a flat 20% increase on everyone's bill as a "hospitality" fee.  This ensures that everyone "tips" 20% of their bill.  Can you add more?  It doesn't look like it, since they have a no tipping policy.  And this makes it so that everyone can make a "liveable" wage.  People aren't fighting for tips.

The pessimist would possibly think that this policy could make for less than great service since they aren't trying to get the best tip possible.  That is not the case... or hopefully not the case.  They have a professional staff that is there to serve the guests in their restaurant.  If they can't do that, then they are in the wrong business.

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They are currently open for dinner Thursday through Saturday. So, for now, those are some limited hours.  As things progress and hopefully the work force increases, they may open to more extended hours.  You can keep updated on their hours and menu on their website.

If you are planning a trip to Duluth, might want to make this one of your stops for what sounds like a delicious meal.

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