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Not super surprising, Minnesota was ranked as one of the nicest states in the country. They don't call us Minnesota Nice for nothing! But we did not rank number one. What states beat us out? And which states are considered the rudest based on this survey?

YouGov conducted a survey to determine which states are the most polite and which states are the rudest. On their website, they say, "[We] recently asked more than 77,000 people whether they think the people in their state tend to be more rude or more polite than most Americans."

After the survey, they ranked each state from most polite to rudest based on people's feedback.

Here are the 10 most polite states in the country:

10. Idaho
9. Alaska
8. Tennessee
7. Minnesota
6. Montana
5. Wyoming
4. North Dakota
3. South Dakota
2. Vermont
1. Hawaii

I'm not super surprised that there are so many northern states on the list. Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota all made the top 10. So where did our other neighboring states rank? Iowa ranked 13, so not too bad, and Wisconsin ranked 23, still in the top 50%!

Of course, now we need to look at the other side of the spectrum: Which states are the rudest? Here's what the survey said are the top 10 rudest states in the country:

41. Pennsylvania
42. District of Columbia
43. California
44. Florida
45. Connecticut
46. Nevada
47. New York
48. New Jersey
49. Massachusetts
50. Rhode Island

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