There are too many podcasts to count around the world. Virtually anyone can host a podcast if they'd like. And during the pandemic, a Minnesota priest named Father Mike Schmitz was one of those people who decided to pick up the mic. Now, he hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

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Father Mike leads the Catholic ministry at the University of Minnesota Duluth, that's his primary job. But his side hustle is his podcast. He spoke to WCCO about his podcast. He said in 2020 "he felt the weight of the world in a tumultuous time." “'When I turned to the Bible, it was an internal wisdom. ... And I said I want to read the Bible every day and make a podcast.'”

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So he developed his podcast called 'Bible In a Year'. He works with a production company called Ascension and Maple Grove Bible Scholar Jeff Cavins. They broke the Bible into 365 chunks with one chunk being covered in a 20-minute podcast every day. Neither ever anticipated it to take off the way it did. Jeff told WCCO, “'My producer called and said, ‘You’re number one in the country.’ I said, ‘Number one at what?''” They couldn't believe it!

There are over 238 million downloads on his podcast and, of course, that number keeps going up. He's currently working on and uploading a 2022 version of the 'Bible In a Year' podcast. What's your favorite podcast? I'd love to hear about it, so shoot me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! (@carlyrossonair)

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