Steele County has become home to just the second meat vending machine in the entire United States. The first one was installed in Hudson, Wisconsin this spring. Steele County's newest gadget is located right outside of Steve's Meat Market in Ellendale.

Owner Donnovan Eaker has always wanted a meat vending machine - she's been checking around years ago with vending machine makers about the possibility of developing a meat vending machine, but got little in terms of a response.

This summer while attending a convention in Kentucky she found one. The decision was made and plans were laid out for the installation of the German made meat vending machine.

It's been a hit as the machine needed to be refilled several times the first weekend of operation.

The machine takes credit cards only, no cash. You make your choice or meat and it drops down to the bottom. You need to make a separate transaction for each item purchased.

The vending machine is set up so that a cell phone alert will be issued should a problem develop such as a power outage and such.

There you have it, meat available 24/7 from the new vending machine in front of Steve's Meat Market in Ellendale. The second of its kind in the United States and the first in Minnesota. Eaker says the owner of the first meat vending machine in Hudson reports it's been a big success.

Feel free to stop by and check it out and take a picture or two.


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