The Bachelor officially returned on Monday, January 4th and with that, came a handful of new contestants that will become household names over the course of the season.

In case you didn't know, two of this season's contestants are from Minnesota. We learned this news back in October of 2020 and finally got to meet one of the two contestants when the show premiered!

The first Minnesotan we got to meet was Anna. She calls Chicago home but is from Owatonna, Minnesota. She got her own introduction video at the beginning of the episode. During the introduction, she says she is bubbly and loves caffeine. Ha! She got a rose and will continue on the journey to love.

When it came time to meet Matt, she definitely made an impression. She brought a "survival kit" out of the limo and gave him a short and sweet hug before going into the mansion.

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So what about the other Minnesotan contestant? She has not made her Bachelor debut just yet. Don't fret, though. She will making her debut later on in the season, as she's been selected as part of a special twist, arriving with a handful of ladies later in the season. That is sure to cause some drama!

By the way, this season's lead is named Matt James. He is new to the franchise and was chosen due to his popularity on social media. He is a real estate broker looking for love and we hope he finds it - with a Minnesotan, of course.

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