It can't just be me that notices that the world is just getting dumber every day.  One would think that with the internet giving people all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips, that people would be getting smarter.  Nope!

Damon Traynor/Getty Images

Case in point, Zada McCray has a small business in St Paul that sells all kinds of cool stuff.  She does custom items like hoodies, shirts, shot glasses, wine glasses and greeting cards.

Zada is a single mother and former teacher who gave up her career to start her own business.  She has always been pretty creative and would make custom gifts for friends and family.  Finally, Zada decided to open her own business and she calls it Zada's Vault.

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Like any business person, she was always on the lookout for some new and different products to add to her selection of merchandise. That's when she came up with the idea to make and sell coronavirus face masks out of her shop. Why not?  With a pandemic in full swing, there is a huge market out there.

After receiving a customer complaint, her business has gone viral after Zada posted it on social media.  Here's the invoice for the transaction in question.


Seems pretty legit, right?  Now take a look at the complaint from a confused customer.


Unless I've missed some changes in common measurements, I'm pretty sure a dozen is 12, right?  Well, not according to this unhappy customer.


Sadly, this isn't the only story like this.  Last week I ran across a story about a customer that threw a fit at a donut shop because she asked for a dozen donuts and only got twelve.  She was adamant that a dozen meant 50.

Yes, the world is getting dumber.

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