A years-long battle between neighbors came to a deadly end on December 2 in St. Paul all over a car parked on the defendant's property.  You hear stories all the time of neighbors not getting along and that can be a really tough road to travel as your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. But to have it end in this manner is absolutely horrifying.

According to prosecutors Brian H. Kjellberg had purchased his house over 7 years ago and from the beginning had issues of people parking their vehicles on his property, so he posted several types of "No Parking" signs on the property.

On the night of the stabbing Kjellberg told authorities that he saw a Mercedes SUV parked on his property. He waited around for about 20 minutes and nobody came to move the vehicle so he called a towing company to come to get the car.

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That is when 27-year-old Arnell J. Stewart who is from Atlanta approached Kjellberg who told him not to come on the property but he proceeded to anyway. Stewart then approached Kjellberg and proceeded to punch him several times. Kjellberg told authorities that he suffered a traumatic brain injury years before and after being hit he was scared for his safety.

In response, Kjellberg pulled out a sharp piece of stainless steel pipe from his coat pocket and stabbed Stewart in the stomach. He has been charged with second-degree murder and his next court date is January 2.

What a tragic end to a dispute that to many people would be frustrating but unfortunately, a moment of anger combined with fear caused this man to change the course of his life forever and take the life of another man all over a vehicle parked on his property. It is a sobering reminder of how quickly things can escalate and turn into such a horrific situation. For more on this story go to Bringmethenews.com.   

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