Dealing with snow in July is never a good thing. A Minnesota man lost his footing while hiking in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming Monday, July 8 and fell 1,200 feet. He was rescued but suffered serious injuries.

The 35-year-old was hiking with a friend in Paintbrush Canyon in snow and rock. A news release from the National Park Service stated, "He fell approximately 1,200 feet over snowfields and rock outcroppings." His friend made a 911 call and park rangers were dispatched via helicopter to a spot near the injured man.

After being stabilized by the rangers, the Minneapolis man was air-lifted out of the area while being suspended below a helicopter. Ultimately he was taken to a hospital in Idaho. His condition was not indicated in the press release.

Elevations above 9,000 feet are still snow-covered in the Grand Tetons. "Hikers and climbers in these areas should carry both an ice axe and crampons and know how to use them or adjust your route," advises the Park Service. Crampons are traction devices that attach to boots.


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