Maybe we as Minnesotans need to come together and write a book for everyone else on how to live a low-stress life. I'm sure it would consist of one page that says "just go to the lake."

A new survey was conducted to find the most and least stressed states in America. SWNS Digital shared the results:

Results revealed 72% of Americans surveyed believe 2020 is the most stressful year they’ve lived through, and 57% are more stressed now than they ever have been before.

Anxiety is also on the rise, as 56% said they’re more anxious than ever before.

The top things that Americans are stressing about are:

  1. Finances
  2. COVID-19 and the Pandemic
  3. Politics and news
  4. Work
  5. Social life

Even with those constant worries, Minnesota fared well in this survey. We ended up tieing with South Dakota for #47 on the list, which puts us at the third least-stressed state in America. The only ones less stressed than us were Nebraska and Iowa.

Even with everything we have been through as a state and a country in 2020, I think Minnesotans are good at having a positive outlook on life in general, and that is what gave us such a good ranking. We deal with endless winters every year, with or without other turmoil like politics and pandemics. We know that if we fixate on positivity, and stick together we can get through any storm that comes our way.

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