Craft breweries around the state like Little Thistle here in Rochester and South by Southeast in Pine Island and beer lovers all across the state got some good news on Wednesday from Minnesota lawmakers.

The Minnesota House passed a proposal that would significantly change the state's current liquor laws and how these businesses are allowed to operate. This change would not only benefit smaller breweries but also help the bigger beer-making companies like Summit and Surly. Read about the proposed change and check out more than 20 breweries here in southeast Minnesota below.

 Minnesota House Passes Significant Change to Liquor Law

Currently, smaller breweries around the state are allowed to sell growlers and crowlers to thirsty customers. A growler is a 64-ounce jug of beer that can be purchased at Minnesota breweries. A crowler is a 25 oz can of beer.

 Minnesota House Passes Significant Change to Liquor Law



As of right now, Minnesota breweries aren't allowed to sell 4 or 6 packs to their customers. I'm not exactly sure why customers can take home a 64-oz growler, but can't buy a 4-pack of 12-oz bottles (48-oz) but that rule might disappear soon.

Rep. Zack Stephenson, DFL-Coon Rapids told WCCO that he spent months on the proposal.

We finally got to a point where everyone can agree on how we modernize our state’s liquor laws and really give a shot in the arm to those craft breweries and craft distilleries that Minnesotans really love.


 Minnesota House Passes Significant Change to Liquor Law



Minnesota law only allows smaller brewers to sell growlers right now but this change would give the state's biggest producers like  Summit and Surly that option too. And, smaller brewers would be able to finally sell 4 and 6 packs.

The Minnesota House passed the proposal on Wednesday. The state's Senate will now vote on whether or not to approve the changes.

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