Somebody raised some pretty good kids. I'm sure most people would be pretty tempted to keep a windfall of cash like this.

Two 13 year old girls from Minnetonka, were out and about on Brooklyn Bengtson's birthday when Brooklyn kicked something on the ground  "I kicked something and then just tons of hundred dollar bills were scattering everywhere," said Brooklyn.

Brooklyn and her best friend Katelyn Franta were outside Yum Kitchen and Bakery in Minnetonka when the found the envelope full of $100 bills that someone had obviously dropped on the ground.

"I knew it was a lot because there were bundles and bundles of money," added Brooklyn. It was over $16,000.
The girls picked up all the money and without hesitation did the right thing and walked inside the bakery to see if anyone had reported losing the money. The owner of the money, who had been in the restaurant looking for his money, came to the counter and identified the envelope and reclaimed his cash. The man was very happy to get the envelope back.
The owner of the money gave the girls $50 and Austen Edman from the restaurant gave the girls plenty of treats to reward them. "That type of bravery and that type of strength doesn’t get recognized enough," said Edman. "I’m totally willing to condition that with treats."
The girls were just happy to help out.  "You never know what it was for, maybe it was for an illness he had to pay for or something," said Katelyn.
 Great kids. Their parents should be very proud.
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