I’ve seen a lot of debates centered around smartphones lately. Some say too many people are addicted to their phones (which is totally true). Many people, including myself, have wondered if we’d be better off without them. Thirty seconds later, we're checking Twitter. I’ve also seen a lot of parents talking about the appropriate age for their child to have a phone.

Smartphones definitely have their issues, but here’s one recent case where having one can definitely come in handy.

This past Sunday, a father from Cushing, Minnesota noticed his son didn’t show up for a family gathering. The story doesn’t say, but I’m assuming that the father had been trying to call his son multiple times to no avail. Luckily, the father ended up being technologically savvy enough to fire up the “Find my iPhone” app, which allowed him to track his son’s location around the Little Elk River by Randall.

The son and a friend of his had been swimming in the river on a hot day, but when the father arrived at the scene he found both kids semi-unconscious. He pulled them both to shore, and thankfully they were taken into the hospital just in time. No word on what exactly happened to them, but both are said to be in OK condition.

Yikes. So while there are a few downsides to owning a smartphone, this is one case where it totally came in handy.

Source: WCCO

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