It's not uncommon for non-Minnesotans to complain about the behavior of motorists in vehicles carrying Minnesota plates, and now there's a new study that suggests they may be right.

The Seattle-based insurance comparison website QuoteWizard has issued a report that ranks drivers in all 50 states and it lists Minnesota motorists as the second worst in the nation. California drivers have the even more dubious distinction of being the worst drivers in the United States, while Rhode Island motorists are ranked as the best, followed by Florida and Mississippi.

Among our neighbors, South Dakota drivers are listed as the sixth best in the country, while Iowa and Wisconsin are in the middle of the pack at 23rd and 27th respectively. North Dakota drivers join Minnesota in the dumps, with its drivers ranked as the 10th worst in the U.S.

The QuoteWizard report indicates Minnesota's ranking went from 9th worst to 2nd this year, which was among the largest moves of any state. The study shows Minnesota experienced big increases in traffic crashes, along with jumps for speeding and other traffic citations. The website blamed state's infamous "Minnesota Nice" for making drivers passive-aggressive and indecisive behind the wheel and even quoted one critical transplant as saying Minnesota drivers are "too fast, too slow, too angry."

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