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Here in Minnesota, we're used to placing near the top in many different categories when it comes to quality of life. But does spending on comfort foods when we're hungover count?

Because according to this new infographic from the crew over American Addictions Centers, Minnesota is one of the top ten states in the country when it comes to spending (and eating) the most hangover comfort foods.

Their survey checked out over 4,000 Google searches during  February of 2021 to compile their data. And here in the North Star State, we spend an average of $1,217 on comfort foods to nurse those morning-after hangovers amongst our 10,000 Lakes. Which, if you do the math, is a little over $100 a month!

No wonder we're in the top ten states-- that seems like a pretty high amount to spend on those greasy, carb-filled breakfasts that are a popular way to try to combat a hangover. In fact, only seven other states spend MORE on hangover comfort foods than we do here in Minnesota. Alaskans spend the most, the survey noted, spending $3,024 a year! (Of course, the winters ARE pretty long and cold up in Alaska, so maybe that makes sense.)

Next up is West Virginia ($2,160), Alabama ($1,656),  Louisiana ($1,584), Utah ($1,477), South Dakota ($1,394) and New  York ($1,269). Over in my home state of Wisconsin (where they know how to both get and cure a hangover), they only spend a paltry $871 a year-- a little over $72 a month-- on hangover comfort foods. And, down in Iowa, they spend even less, coming in at only $852 a year ($71 a month).

So just what ARE the best foods to eat if you have a hangover? According to Delish, the top 8 are: coffee, smoothies, eggs, chicken noodle soup, salmon, carbs, water-rich foods (like watermelon) and bananas. Now while those might in fact be the best, not that I get a hangover that much anymore, but if I do, I swear by a Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich with hashbrowns and a large Coke at McDonald's... works every time!

Now before you get that hangover comfort food, you've gotta imbibe a little bit with a few cocktails the night before, right? Do you know what our signature cocktail is here in Minnesota? Keep scrolling to see which drink your fellow Minnesotans like the most, as well as the most popular drink in every other state too.


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