Yes, you read that correctly, if someone were to win BOTH huge jackpots, with Mega Millions now at the 2nd largest jackpot in US history, with an estimated prize of $848 Million, and that will grow as people buy tickets. Powerball is sitting at an estimated $345 Million, and if my math skills are still on point, that's over $1 BILLION. That's more money than I could ever dream of seeing over several lifetimes, and after you factor in the tax liabilities, it's still several times more than my entire families net worth, and I have a very large family.

So, if you happen to be an extremely lucky person and you just happen to buy tickets for both, and then match ALL of the numbers, you may find yourself amongst the "socially secure" and "comfortably well-off" people you know. Bonus points if you know what cartoon character said those quotes. What's the first thing you should do?

Experts recommend not telling anyone, taking your time claiming the prize, and hiring a financial advisor and attorney. There are some states where the winners can remain anonymous, and Minnesota isn't one of them, so don't take to social media to proclaim your newfound fortune, you'll want to keep to yourself as much as possible to avoid getting hit up for money from everyone you know, and everyone that your friends and family know.

Ok, so if I win, after I change my pants because you know I'll pee myself in excitement, I am going incommunicado, hiring an attorney, and making sure that the money will last. It is surprising how many people who have giant winnings or inheritances end up filing for bankruptcy in just a few years.

Of course, they say "you can't win if you don't play," so this time around I might have to buy a ticket. If only to have the dream for a little while. The Powerball drawing is this evening, and Mega Millions is on Friday night. Good luck!



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