MINNEAPOLIS -- We are just two weeks away from the school MEA break, a time when a lot of families go on vacation.

Kyle Potter is the Executive Editor of Minneapolis-based Thrifty Traveler. He says travel numbers are still way up, compared to last year, and are looking closer to normal.

I think that there's no question that this is going to look while maybe not 2019 normal levels of travel it's certainly going to be a lot closer to that than what we've seen over the course of the last year in change.

He says, for the most part, Minnesotans can travel pretty freely throughout the country without COVID-related restrictions.

There really aren't restrictions in terms of Minnesotans not being allowed to travel to California or Chicago or Washington, D.C. or needing to provide proof of vaccination in order to get on that plane.  Those restrictions do not exist today.

However, Potter says there are a handful of major U.S. cities that do require you to show proof of vaccination in order to get into a restaurant, a concert, or a play on Broadway including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans and that list is growing.

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He suggests you do your research before you leave.

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