He's back, and better than ever.

The world cannot get enough of the singing doctor, and neither can we! Orthopedic surgery resident Elvis Francois became a viral sensation after performing Mike Yung’s “Alright” within the halls of Mayo Clinic. The video then exploded on social media locally (which you can watch HERE) and soon both he and fellow resident William Robinson were invited to perform together on national television on Ellen!

Since then both doctors have seemingly laid low (and probably gone back to concentrating on their work) but now a new video has sprung up... and it's absolutely amazing. In it, the duo performs "Let It Be" with the Stewartville High School choir:


GOOSEBUMPS!! What a beautiful rendition of The Beatles classic, way to go everyone!

Seriously, these two gentlemen can do no wrong right now, and we're so happy to see them continue to spread their love of music around southeast Minnesota!

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