Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic announced last week that they are giving a total of $150,000 in Season of Gratitude Awards to southeast Minnesota organizations.

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The $150,000 is in part of a total of $500,000 in year-end grants to 80 organizations that are dedicated to addressing health needs and disparities in the communities that the clinic serves.

In Rochester, eight organizations received a Season of Gratitude Award. According to a news release, Mayo Clinic staff cast their ballots last month, determining how these dollars should be divvied out. The Landing, which supports homeless individuals, and the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester was the top-place finishers, each receiving an award of $20,000.

"We're proud to be able to distribute significant grants to organizations that make such a difference in our communities," Erin Sexton, director of Enterprise Community Engagement at Mayo Clinic said. "In a year when most budgets are stretched thin for many organizations, these unexpected financial gifts are most appreciated."

'Season of Gratitude' Award Winners in Olmsted County

Grants in Olmsted County were directed toward organizations providing a safe place for those in need, and youth support and enrichment. Olmsted County award winners are:
• Boys & Girls Club of Rochester — $20,000
• The Landing — $20,000
• Rochester Women's Shelter and Support Center — $15,000
• Project Legacy — $15,000
• Jeremiah Program — $10,000
• Bolder Options — $10,000
• Warming Shelter — $5,000
• Sports Mentorship Academy — $5,000

"There are thousands of kids in our community with limitless potential, who face significant barriers to maximizing their success," Chad Campbell, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester said in a news release. "For many years, Mayo Clinic has been a critical partner in serving our kids and their families and supporting them in overcoming those barriers. I’m so grateful to Mayo Clinic, and especially to the Mayo employees, for their support of, and commitment to, our kids and their families this holiday season."

In addition, Mayo Clinic Health System is awarding a total of $50,000 to more than 30 school districts in southeast Minnesota based on a staff vote that had mental health as a top category for support. The gifts range in size depending on the size of the school district and are meant to express thanks and gratitude to local staff and teachers.

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