This is insane.

Watch as a massive tornado approached a Walmart store in Round Rock, Tx.

You can see people running for shelter as debris flies everywhere, then suddenly a vehicle in the parking is flipped onto its side.

This is all part of a strong line of thunderstorms sweeping across the southernmost of the country.


Much of south Louisiana is under a tornado watch through Tuesday as the same line of storms moves closer to Louisiana.

We will continue to follow the movements of the storms in the hours ahead and we will give you the latest information here and via our mobile app.

If you can, please leave any mobile home that is not properly anchored down and for those in Acadiana, we can expect to see severe thunderstorms in the area by noon on Tuesday.

Here is the dramatic video from Texas. I'll warn you, some may find the language in the video to be offensive.

For more on the potential threat of severe storms in Acadiana, check out Rob Perillo's latest forecast.

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