Those cute little bunnies and chicks, made out of marshmallow, and come in a variety of colors, and you either love them or hate them. They seem to be a staple in every Easter basket I have seen, and I always buy them. Not for me, I am not a huge fan, but, my daughter and my dad are. So buy them, I do.

Have you ever wondered how peeps are made? They only have 4 ingredients, sugar corn syrup, gelatin, and air. Simple right? Well, it is a process to get them from those 4 ingredients to your local store, and into your Easter basket. To find out how they are made, check out this site, where they toured the plant in Pennsylvania.

As I was researching the making of peeps, I also found out that a Ft. Worth, TX brewery is planning to make a craft beer with peeps. I am not sure what that would taste like, it has been described as lemony and tart and looking like a glitter bomb went off in the glass. We are too late to make it to the unveiling, but, you never know, we could have peeps craft beer in our area soon.

Where do you fall in peep fandom? Love them or hate them? I have found there is no in-between.

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