He went the distance for his wife.

A 72-year-old man in Bosnia and Herzegovina built a rotating house so that his wife could have different/better views.

The house, which took six years to build, rotates 360-degrees and takes approximately 22 seconds to make a full rotation. At it's slowest speed, the house can rotate 360-degrees in 24 hourrs.

VOA News YouTube

If you've ever been to the bar in New Orleans that rotates on the rooftop, that's what this house reminds me of.

The speed of rotation can be adjusted accordingly and the house reportedly sits two feet off of the ground.

VOA News YouTube

The gentleman who built the house just wanted his wife to have different views and noted that she would never get bored while looking outdoors.

When it came to engineering this contraption, the man says he did all of the work because he is retired and had the time to do it.


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