A suspect has been arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer in the Northland. The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is reporting that they have a suspect in custody at the county jain in Virginia who was involved with the situation.

The situation remains under investigation.

Prior the arrest, the sheriff's department in northern St. Louis County had fielded reports about an individual who was posing as a law enforcement officer. The individual has emergency lights equipped to the top of his vehicle and was making traffic stops in the Cotton area along Highway 53. At this point of the investigation, the St. Louis County Sheriff's department is aware of "three known reports of a matching suspect and vehicle" making those stops - according to the preliminary details being shared in the official release.

The St. Louis County Sheriff's department is assuring the general public that they "is no fear for public safety" at this time. The suspect is currently being held in custody at the County Jail that's located in Virginia, pending arraignment.

Even though it appears that this specific case is being resolved, it's worth the general reminder to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. While reports of people impersonating law enforcement don't happen often, they can occur. It's important to remember your rights and be observant of what's going on. If you're pulled over by what looks to be a squad car, be alert to subtle differences in the vehicle that could alert you to the fact that something is wrong. Also, you always have the right to ask the officer that pulled you over or is questioning you to see identification or a badge; and you can always request that they call for backup to be a witness to your encounter.

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