It's sort of like Alexa for your vital medication prescriptions.

According to KCRG, Hy-Vee is offering a new feature geared towards the visually impaired. If you or someone you love has trouble reading the critical information on the label, don't take any chances. There's an app for that!

The En-Vision ScriptTalk program has been available to patients since December

A 2017 article from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says "approximately one in five new prescriptions are never filled, and among those filled, approximately 50% are taken incorrectly, particularly with regard to timing, dosage, frequency, and duration." This new program goes a long way toward curbing that.

It's designed not only for those with eyesight challenges but with dyslexia, or who have any type of trouble reading. Who knows what could happen if, because of these challenges, a patient accidentally takes the wrong medicine. It could be dangerous, to say the least, if not fatal. It can even help those who don't speak fluent English because it's available in 26 different languages.

Here's how it works

Speak to your Hy-Vee pharmacist, or click here for information you need to get yourself or a prospective loved one enrolled who could benefit from the program. Once you either have the free stand-alone En-Vision device or the app downloaded to your phone, your Hy-Vee pharmacist can program it to read information to you out loud, such as drug name, dosage, instructions, and warnings printed on your medication bottle.

A local Hy-Vee pharmacy manager told KCRG "Hy-Vee is able to program and place a small electronic tag on the prescription package. Typically on the bottom of the bottle. And then the patient can take that bottle and place it on the En-Vision readers."

Have you noticed all the paperwork they give you when you pick up a prescription? Because they can't even fit all the information on the label. Talking labels through En-Vision could likely cut back on some of that, too.

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