So obviously I was spending too much time on the computer this morning. But then it really was not any more or less time than normal. Today it was Zeke that was getting a little pushy. But he is cute and was purring, so he gets away with it.

There is not much space on my desk, so he was basically front and center. Of course, once I start writing he goes off and lays down close by. Maybe he was telling me to get to work in a gentle nudging way. He eventually laid down on my right hand, which I use to control the mouse and I write with my left. Boy is he smart. Yep, that's what I'm going with.

He also tends to chomp and rub on the lampshade, which will tip it. I don't know what the lampshade tastes like but I can image not very good. So who knows what he is thinking.

So what was I looking at? Well it is interesting to know what shows are out there, on what channel and canceled or renewed. The list consisted of 228, I think there were a couple of repeats. Yes I looked through the whole thing. Oh a work note, that is a lot of pageviews.

I really did not know there were that many shows, there are probably more. Granted we just have local channels and I am glad about that. I sort of miss The Big Bang Theory marathon, but I did get over that.

It surprises me how many shows are on the movie channels and the list also included Netflix and Hulu. Another side note, Netflix did not have the red line but Hulu did. So many shows I did not know, which I think is a good thing.

I also noted that a few shows were canceled after only a few episodes or a season was shortened by a couple. That cannot make the people very happy. Oh, well on to the next one.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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