Traveling by car sometimes does not agree with me, not too bad.

When I went on big trips for marching band, I would take a nice nap. It makes the trip go faster. You may miss some, but I didn't get car sick. I would sleep on some family trips too. People ask how long the trip is. I usually say it is shorter when you sleep.

Or my other trick is to look out the front window or maybe a little kiddie corner. I have learned not to look directly sideways. That is bad.

A few years ago when my husband and I were coming back from Detroit after seeing the Twins play the Tigers, I made that mistake. Plus my husband wanted me to look at the map over and over again. We eventually had to stop because I could not take it anymore. After my stomach settled, I drove the rest of the way. Much better.

That's kind of weird to me, because I read a book on an airplane and that did not bother me too much. I would look out the window to see what was out there and that we were still up in the air. I came close to finishing the Dolores Claiborne too.

My husband and I went to Adventureland in Iowa once. They have a few spinning rides. One is the Silly Silo. I found my limit, no more spinning, and I like the Tilt-a-Whirl. I don't even like when the TV and movies have those spinning scenes. To paraphrase Meg Ryan from French Kiss, "Stop the spinning. Stop the spinning."

Anyway, my husband and I went on a road trip this past weekend and it was fun with a total of 442 miles. That included visiting his brother and hunting for ghost towns. He was smart and planned ahead and looked at the directions before the next stop. I was able to enjoy the scenery. We had fun.

Hopefully traveling agrees with you.

The sun is shining above (somewhere) ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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