This has been a very conversational spring. I went for a small walk and someone said, "Nice spring day, it's about time." This is just a general summarization of our spring.

One week cool, then nice. Throw in one 90 degree day and cool down to make it feel like summer is over and it is fall. Oh wait, it is still spring.

Then one week lots of rain in the forecast but maybe only two days of it. Throw in some windy days like it is March, whether it is raining or not. Boy it seems some of the days have been really windy. Makes playing or doing anything outside not as fun.

The following week, maybe a couple of days it is on the cooler side, you know in the 40s, and then it warms up to the mid-60s for a few more days. Cool again, maybe for the whole week and gradually warms up to, hooray, 70.

It is easily something to talk about, sunny or cloudy and 40 feels pretty good in the winter but in the 40s with a cloudy and windy day in the spring it is on the chilly side. Pretty funny how that works.

I picked a good week to be sick when it was icky out. Not that I would pick to be that sick again. That was bad enough.

Our flowering tree did not like the spring, it was not very vibrant. The lilacs are doing much better though. It was nice that the farmers were able to get out in the fields. I noticed a few sprouts coming up.

Hopefully you will be able to get out and enjoy this nice spring-like week. We don't know yet what next week will bring. Well, we might but it could change. Mother Nature has a way of doing that.

The sun really is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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