Kitty cat George in 12. Like most of us some days he feels it and then sometimes he doesn't. Remember being a cat he is 64. They now say 10 for the first year, 15 for the second and four after that.

George has been "forced" to get along with a couple of younger "siblings" that we have brought in. That is how they seem to act. Sometimes George will give Zeke that "Stop looking at me" face or "You're touching me" face.

George is still playful. It keeps him young. He likes to charge the string that I pull under a bag. The bag usually ends up in a ball. His eyes get so big.

He also likes to fight. Our other cats have not really gotten into that. George loves it. I basically just rough him up a little, ruffle his face. Sometimes he lays on his side, and eventually he sits up and then he gets on his back legs and tries to really get me. My husband says, "Get her, George." It can last about 10 minutes. My arm sometimes gets tired. It is all in fun. He gets a break if he has to clean a paw or something.

Of course, being a kitty, George likes to sleep. It is kind of hard to take a picture of him because he ends up looking like a black blob. But that's okay. He's lovable.

Oh and George loves, loves, loves being scratched behind his ear. When I stop, he shakes his head and I scratch some more. This could go on for a while too.

Kitty cats George and Zeke will get a little tuna today for George's birthday. They like that.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.