This time of year we like to get out and enjoy, including the animals of all sorts. Well, when it's wet sometimes even ducks like a little "dry" land.

Ducks, turkeys, deer, oh my.

Account exec Rich Will noticed a mallard duck couple on our KRFO lawn. Roy Koenig said it looked like they were watching where they would waddle to find the right dry spot.

To tell the truth, last year about this time I noticed a couple of killdeer outside our studio windows. It was a young killdeer following its parent, I'm assuming its momma. Watching killdeer walk, or run, is pretty funny. Their little legs go so fast, and to see the young move to try and keep up, it was more or less running. I caught the two resting.

I was visiting my mom in northern Wisconsin and a farmer left a pile of manure on his portion of 10 acres that he plows. It seemed a flock of turkeys, sometimes up to 15, would dig in the manure pile, mostly the toms. The hens would start there and move toward the woods only to eventually return. Then they would all leave.

We also noticed a couple of deer up close on her lawn. That was cool. Just last week my husband and I noticed a deer on someone's lawn near Kaplan's Woods. We almost thought it was a statue but it then moved. That was cool. Don't get me wrong, deer seem to be all over and sometimes run into the road as I'm driving home, but it was nice that that deer just stood there waiting.

Watch for the animals. Watch for motorcycles.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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