Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - Talk about a very unusual story. 

A house in Pine Island caught fire around 6:45 Wednesday evening after being hit by lightning.

The owner is a member of the Pine Island Fire Dept and he called 911 for help.  Some firefighters from Zumbrota also came to help the Pine Island Fire Dept. Pine Island Deputy Fire Chief Mike Brown says damage caused by the strike was extensive as it took out the home’s electrical system and flames were found in several walls. Brown says the family was there but no injuries were reported.

Fifteen minutes later, a house fire was reported in Zumbrota.

Another lightning strike hit the attached garage of a home there and started a fire.The bolt hit near the home’s natural gas line and police evacuated some nearby homes as a precaution.Some of the Zumbrota firefighters who had been sent to Pine Island rushed back to battle that blaze. They were joined by some Pine Island firefighters.

Turns out that house is owned by a Zumbrota firefighter - who was one of those who had been sent to deal with the Pine Island fire.

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