A big happy birthday to the Hope Creamery in Hope as the business celebrates the 102nd birthday of its current building today. In a post on social media, the legendary butter maker highlighted the special date, and the fact that the current owners are pretty much still making butter the same way it was made when the business began back in 1919.

The post from Hope Creamery reads:

Monday December 22, 1919, butter maker Peter G. Peterson started operation in a brand new, state of the art facility. Today, butter maker Mike Iverson starts the churn in that exact work room! The old brick building of HOPE CREAMERY is 102 years old today! There are no words to explain the feeling today brings for all of us involved….. (Wait, yes there is) THANK YOU! We appreciate every single one of you! We will never forget the ones who helped get us here and the ones who are no longer with us. We would not be here today without you. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, A HAPPY NEW YEAR. God bless!

Many residents of Southern Minnesota know all too well that Christmas cookies aren't really Christmas cookies without the secret ingredient of Hope butter. So fittingly, just 3 days before Christmas, we celebrate the Hope Creamery opening its state-of-the-art building, which is still used today, as many folks work on perfecting their Christmas cookies, with Hope butter, of course, just days before the holiday.

You can learn more about the Hope Creamery, and even get a tour of the operation by watching the video below, or by heading here for a more detailed history of the creamery.

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