Technology always has flaws, thats normal, but AAA is warning motorist to use caution when utilizing their driver assist.


In the press release sent out by AAA, researchers have found that over a course of 4,000 miles of driving in vehicles that are equipped with driver assistance programs, that they have:

  • Trouble keeping vehicles in the lane and coming too close to other vehicles or guardrails.
  • Systems often disengaging with little notice – almost instantly giving control back to the driver.

It is noted that on public roadways that 73% of all errors involved instances of lane departure or erratic lane position. The systems rely on a three camera system and similar to the human eye, the camera has a hard time "seeing" the lane markings that are not clear or visible on the roadways due to glare from the sun.

AAA has met with the industry leaders to provide insight from this study and shared recommendations for improvement. One of the recommendations is to increase testing for active driver assistance programs, and limit the roll out of more fully automated vehicles in the future.

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